MR2 Turbo Widebody with Blitz TechnoSpeed Z1 Wheels Swap

This is probably one of the most photographed and talked about stanced MR2’s on social media today.  The Infamous Devil Horn Wing MR2.  The owner and supporting cast  have definitely pushed the envelope when it comes to the stance and wheel game for MR2’s.  I don’t think there is anybody that even gets close at this time.  Don’t get me wrong, stance is definitely universal and each person has their own criteria of what looks clean and what doesn’t, but most people agree when this car is around it does draw the crowds.


Front: Blitz TechnoSpeed Z1 Wheels 18×10 -15 235/30


Poke. Stretch. Cambered


The beauty about the Devil Horn Wing MR2 is that this vehicle is built for show and go.  This MR2 Turbo has previously laid down 366WHP/321RWTQ on a previous set of stanced focus Work Meister S1 wheels.  Make no mistake either, this is no garage queen as it is daily driven with plenty of miles on it.


Rear: Blitz TechnoSpeed Z1 Wheels 19×12.5 -15 265/30

Photography credit goes to TRD-3SGTE for shooting his MR2 Turbo at a recent MR2uesday meet in OC.

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