MR2 Turbo wheelswap with Volk Racing TE37 Wheels

This is probably one of the cleanest wheelswap and highest WHP SW20 sitting on Volk Racing TE37 wheels on the streets of SoCal.  It is continually being evolved by this MR2 owner.  Well done good sir.

Front view of the Volk Racing TE37 wheels in a nice looking candy red on this SW20.

Front view of this SW20 sitting on Volk Racing TE37 wheels.  Nice looking contrast wheels of candy red on white.  Clean.

The front TE37 wheels are 17x8.5 +26 Offset

The front TE37 wheels are 17×8.5 +26 Offset

The rear TE37 Wheelswap are 17x9.5 +22 Offset

The rear TE37 Wheelswap are 17×9.5 +22 Offset

M3 with Volk Racing Green TE37SL Wheel Swap

This BMW M3 is definitely Incredible Hulk, Kermit, Kappa, or what ever name the owner decided on with it’s green theme and rocking some Green TE37SL Volk Racing Wheels swap.

Green and mean with the TE37SL wheel swap.

Green and mean with the TE37SL wheel swap.

The front view of these TE37SL wheels from Volk Racing Wheels

The front view of the M3 on TE37SL wheels from Volk Racing Wheels Spec 18 x 9.5 ET15

The rear view of these TE37SL wheels from Volk Racing Wheels. Not only does it have the Volk and Rays stickers, it also has the TE37SL Spoke Stickers as well.

The rear view of the M3 on TE37SL wheels from Volk Racing Wheels.  The gold foil Volk Racing Rays Engineering sticker on the wheels is a nice touch.  Rear Wheel Spec 18 x 10.5 ET22

Original TE37SL Takata Green models. A very nice looking set of TE37SL wheels by Volk Racing.



SSR Wheels 3-Piece Technology: Why should I get three piece wheels?

Why buy a three piece wheel?  Why not buy a one piece wheel.  There are several reason to by a three piece wheel instead of a one piece wheel.  Here is a little bit of SSR Wheels three piece technology explained:

SSR Wheels three piece wheel is made up of an outer rim, inner rim, and center disc.  The inner rim of the wheel is heat treated for strength, using the HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture) process which allows for the use of a thinner material to save weight. With weight and high strength in mind, each section of the wheel is engineered using separate grades and thickness of aluminum according to its purpose. SSR’s racing heritage and manufacturing innovations have allowed the creation of a 3 piece wheel that is both super lightweight and high in strength.

Having a three piece wheel allows manufacturers like SSR Wheels to offer a wide range of offsets and ensures proper fitment specific to your vehicle.  They typically also have a deeper outer lip (big lip) to give it that impact look of depth.  It also allows for flexibility if you want to change wheel widths down the line.  If you happen to damage the inside or outside rim portion, then your repair bill might not be as costly since you are only replacing a portion of the wheel and not having to completely replace the wheel like a one piece wheel.

One piece wheels are not bad since they are typically lighter and the stronger if it is a quality forged compared to three piece wheels.  Not to be confused with cheap cast wheels.  There are plenty of racing series that only use one piece wheels.  For example Formula 1 wheels are mainly made by BBS, Enkei, O.Z Racing, and Rays aka Volk Racing Wheels.




Why buy aftermarket wheels?

There are several reasons to buy quality aftermarket wheels for your car.  One of the most popular reasons is that it can represent 25% or more of how your car looks to people.  You can take an ordinary looking car and transform it into something special with the right fitment and wheel specs.

As a wheel enthusiast, the best thing about getting quality wheels like CCW, HRE, SSR, Volk Racing (Rays Engineering), etc. is they are typically lightweight due to the materials and manufacturing process of them.

Why should you care about the wheels being lightweight and how they are made.  Lightweight wheels that are made properly have two important advantages/benefits to your car.  The first is handling.  A function of the unsprung mass in a lighter wheel that hits bumps or other road disturbances will put less force into the vehicle and upset the handling less making the car more planted to the road in comparison to a heavier wheel such as your OEM cast wheel.  The second advantage is rotational inertia in a lighter wheel.  A function of how much mass is distributed around the wheel from rotational center.  By minimizing rotational inertia, your going to increase acceleration and decrease stopping distances since it requires less energy to get the wheels going and to get the wheels to stop, which helps both performance and safety.

Happy quality aftermarket wheel shopping.